Some people wonder why hiring an element of entertainment is important to throwing a party or event. The answer is simple- it brings an exciting element that not only makes it special for the child, but also brings everyone together. It can even bring a magical component for young children when you involve their favorite characters to interact with throughout the day.

Entertainment also takes the stress off your plate, bringing a multitude of activities to keep the children busy. A balloon artist or clown is sure to hold their kid’s attention and make the day a memorable one. DJ’s can provide hours of dancing to their favorite songs and photo booths are always a favorite. Entertainment allows the children’s imaginations to flourish while they play and helps them form relationships with those around them.

What types of entertainment do I have to choose from?

There is a multitude of options when selecting entertainment for your perfect party or event. Maybe you are looking for a face painter at your circus themed party or a bounce house to keep the kids active. Whatever it may be, we are here to make your dreams a reality. Common entertainment typically includes:

  • DJ
  • Characters (princesses, super heroes, clowns, etc.)
  • Petting Zoo
  • Bounce House
  • Fire Truck
  • Circus themed attractions
  • Face Painter
  • Balloon Artist
  • Performer
  • Photo booth

Feel free to reach out with other unique requests! Just make sure to have the date and age group of your event solidified before booking.

Planning & Set Up

Planning: Planning any kind of event or party takes time. CK Loves Events is happy to help you plan your event or party. Proper planning for an event is better executed if you are organized. This means giving yourself and your client enough time to properly plan. Most clients come to an event planner, and they don’t always know what they need as far as planning services. Sometimes maybe it’s only a little bit of planning or sometimes it is planning from A-Z. Give all your planning ideas to us. We will make your event spectacular. Remember there is a lot that goes into planning an event, so, please make sure you give us enough time to facilitate all the organizing and planning. Even if you want a wall display or a big extravaganza, we usually will need 5-6 weeks for in-home parties, venue parties 2-3 months, if it is going to need lots of planning 3-5 months possibly. If you are having a party at a kids play space, that is very easy to set up but will need at least 6 weeks’ time to order supplies. We recently did a PJ Masks party with wall decorations, and it was so much fun, but it did take some time for all the supplies to be delivered. Recently, we also did a Jungle themed birthday for a 1-year-old where they wanted balloons, table decorations and a wall display. We were there for an hour before the party to get everything ready. We finished with a half hour to spare. If you are going to have your party at a restaurant and/or place space, it is always best for us to know if we can get into the space early. This way, we have plenty of time to make sure everything will be well organized and perfectly displayed. Check out our portfolio.

Set up: CK Loves Events loves being organized. As an event planner, I pride myself on giving myself plenty of time for any event. Here is a list of things that helps CK Loves Events with planning of your event or party. These are always great ways to keep you, the client, happy.

  • Knowing the type of event (Birthday, graduation fundraiser, etc.)
  • Pick two dates for your event (A rain date, better to have a couple dates in mind)
  • Age group (Who is the age group you are throwing this event for, helps us to know how to plan)
  • Theme (Always good to have a theme in mind, always helps us.)
  • Number of guests (If you are going to have your event at a play space it is good to know the number of guests ahead of time this way, we will know how to execute the party.)
  • Décor (Deciding on the type of decorations you select is best, do you want balloon bouquets, balloon display, wall display or table decorations, etc.)
  • Entertainment (do you want a DJ, a magician, a Zumba dance party, a face painter, etc.)
  • Venue (Pick a venue where you know your guests are going to love and have the best time)
  • Set up (Setting up for the party should be 3 hours the day of or the eve of the party is ideal)
  • Clean up (Clean up is always easy when you have help. We are always happy to offer that service to you)


Decorations always make an event or party that much more spectacular. CK Loves Events has a plethora of ideas. We did a wall display for a PJ Mask party, it was so much fun. We did a whole Encanto party from wall to table decorations. Recently, we did a Frozen party, we did an Emoji party, and the table decorations turned out very cool. We did a candy themed party, and it turned out adorable. Whether you use table decorations, wall decoration, or even room decorations, decorating a space is always fun and perfect for a party. When we did the Encanto Party, our client wanted butterflies and flowers. We came up with the cutest display ever and our client loved it. All the children had the best time. That is really what it is about when you decorate for a party, it is about enjoying your time with your guests and loving how nicely the room is decorated. It really makes all the difference. We have a list that we think is important.

  • Having a theme in mind (If you have a theme, it makes it easy to decorate. Having two themes makes it more difficult and can sometime be more costly.
  • Color scheme (Having colors for a birthday is important when you are doing it for an adult party, but if you are doing this for little kids, we can make any color work.)
  • The number of guests (We always like to know how many guests will be attending. This way we will know how much of everything we need to buy.)
  • Balloon (Balloons are the easiest way to decorate for a party and they make any event fun.)
  • Table wear (Place settings should always go along with the theme of the party)
  • Favors (Favors are always a nice extra for any kind of party. It just makes it special and fun)
  • Goodie bags (Always have goody bags for a party. They always are perfect for decorations and kids love them.)


Invitations are a special way to invite people to your celebration. They add a special touch to your event or party. Especially when you are planning a birthday party for your little one. They get so excited sharing their birthday with their friends. That is why CK Loves Events takes special care and time to create the perfect invitation your child will love. We recently made candy invitations for a candy theme birthday. They came out super cute and we used them with all the table decorations and goody bags. In March, we did these adorable Encanto invitations for a little girl’s 4th Birthday. They were spectacular. Check out our portfolio to see these amazing invitations.

Invitations are a perfect way to share your event with family and friends. It also gives important party details. These services we offer is a wonderful way to add that magic touch you are looking for. We can help assist with personal invitations or e-vites place card anything you can dream up. Invitations should go out a few months before the events is to take place, it enables for easy planning. Contact us if you have questions, we are happy to help.

Venue Booking

It is important to choose a venue that matches the type of event you plan on having. I have been to a few birthdays and some spaces work for that venue chosen and sometimes it was not a sufficient space. So, I have taken the time to research venues that are perfect for different events. Let CK Loves Events help you decide on a space that is perfect for you. I have also been to some play kid spaces and they are fun, but not always suitable for children. We can help you find a nice place that works for your child and is perfect for you.

When you choose an event space you must keep in mind that you will have to be able to fit entertainment, decorations, and possibly a dance floor etc. That is why we are perfect, because we think of those issues ahead of time and are able come up with something that works. We were asked recently to help plan an anniversary for 150 people and we found the perfect space, and everything turned out beautifully. In June, we planned a candy themed party at a pool house and the event was perfect, there was plenty of room for the DJ and candy bar. All the kids had a great time. We also did an Emoji party in home with a magician, and he was able to work with the space. This was still Covid times, when things were kind of getting back to normal. It is important to find entertainers that can work with any venue. Look at our portfolio see our recent work.

Catering Booking

Catering at a party or venue is always nice, whether you have sandwiches or a planned dinner. Having catered food makes it easier for your guests and you to enjoy your party or event. We did a first birthday for a client who had it in a restaurant they frequent a lot. That is important because then they know the food and know it will be delicious and their guest will enjoy. We did a birthday party for a kids’ birthday party with pizza and cake. Everything was delicious, but we knew the places and when you know what their food tastes like it is easy to recommend. When we did the anniversary party, we used a wonderful caterer and they did an amazing job for us. Their food was spectacular. Our clients’ guests were raving about them and the nice job they did.

Let CK Loves Events help you plan your catering needs. We have lots of ideas waiting for you. We know what works for kids as well as adults. Let us take care of everything. This way you can enjoy your event.

Craft Kits

Craft kits are a great way to entertain at any kid’s party. We have craft kits galore and are perfect for any age group. Recently we made candy bracelets for a little girl’s party, Light Sabers for a Star Wars party, Minecraft character cube for a little boy’s party, a unicorn, and flower necklaces and horses for a Encanto party. Theses craft kits are perfect and fun for kids to do and it keeps them busy. Having an activity is always fun to do. We did a cupcake party where each child decorated their own cupcake. The little girls had a lot of fun. We also have holiday craft kits available and other types available on our Etsy site. You can click a link on the top of our home page, and it will take you to all the products we have available, or just type CKLlovesEvents on Etsy.

Party Supplies

Party Supplies we now offer party bags. We can make any kid of party bags you want. We have all kinds available. We have made themed party bags for: Encanto, Minecraft, unicorns, candy theme, Star Wars, Paw Patrol, etc. We also have much more available on our Etsy page. We can purchase all the party supplies that you need for you special occasions. Let us take care of everything for you.

Party Extras

We offer our event planner to facilitate the craft if you need us to. We can also have the party planner stay for the whole event or party, pricing varies. Please inquire if interested.

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