About Me

I have a gift when it comes to children. Years ago, when I was teaching preschool, I learned that being creative and artistic were exactly the perfect ingredients to teach children. They love to experience new things and explore, and what better way to achieve that goal than to allow them to create something entirely on their own, which is what we did as a daily routine. They always came into my classroom excited to see what we were going to create for that day.

I remember a particular art project we did during Dr. Seuss week. Our class made a huge Dr. Suess book. Each child had made their own book of their favorite Dr. Seuss book and we displayed them outside our classroom. Each parent in our class was overjoyed to see each of their child’s creation. As a class, we received many compliments.  Everyone in the school loved what we did. A parent from another class asked me, “where do you get your ideas?” That is how event planning started to become an idea.

When I was a nanny for a family of nine, scheduling the seven children was always the top priority. Ensuring that each child was where they needed to be was very important when dealing with a family of that size.  It requires organizational skills, which are also a crucial component in event planning.  Being organized when planning an event for 7 or 500 requires a lot of attention to detail and coordination.

I remember a time when I taught a class of eight two-year-old. It was an event that changed my life forever.  This is where I really learned organizational skills. When I first taught this group, I remember thinking, “how tough can a class of eight two-year-old be?’” Well, I learned quickly, how crazy it can be, and how you always have to be one step ahead of them. This is another quality of event planning, being on your A-game is absolutely essential. Planning an event takes a lot of organizing, mainly when you are dealing with someone’s celebration. There are a lot of moving parts when planning a party.

Another essential component is timing. Mostly because you are the one person people are looking to direct them. You are the one making sure everything is seamless. Making sure decorations are on each table, caterers are prepping and preparing food for the party, and deciding where a gift table should go. Those are essential details that an event person needs to manage. I was able to hone that skill when I was a Girl Scout Troop Leader. My job was to help organize a Back-to-School supply drive. This was a fundraiser to help children in need by collecting supplies to do art projects with at summer camp.  I was in charge of this drive for many years. It was my responsibility to make sure each school had a collection box and to receive permission from the school principal to allow the box to be in the school for collection of those school supplies.  Then when I moved from Ohio to New Jersey, I became the Service Unit Manager for Nutley Girl Scouts. I was in charge of planning Daddy-Daughter dances, camporees, and a holiday craft bazaar. This is how event planning for children really became a part of my life.  During this time, I was still planning the school supply drive from New Jersey for the Ohio Girl Scouts.

So, this is how my career and love for planning events evolved. Before my mom became ill, she said to me “you are wonderful with children, and you love doing events, why not make a career of it?”  Then when she passed, I took her advice, and that is how CK Loves Events came to be.  I have created a business in which I am incredibly grateful to be able to love and cherish the uniqueness of each event being planned. I think when we share our passion with others, we allow people to see the real us.

Eventually, my mom said to me, “you love children and you love events… why not put it together?” And that is how CK Loves Events was born.

Recent Work

CK Loves Events is a company that specializes in planning a variety of children’s events and parties. Recently, we were able to supply the PreK Camp in Chatham, NJ with creative art project ideas that allowed the children to use and expand their imaginations throughout the summer. In the past, I have worked with the Girls Scouts to help plan their daddy/daughter dance. The theme was “Secret Garden,” where all the little girls wore crowns as they danced with their fathers. I also organized a Girls Scouts school supply drive for those unable to purchase their own materials, taking on the position as the “Back to School Drive Coordinator.”  Seeing the joy in the children’s faces after each of these events assures me I am in the right place.

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I am beyond excited to share my business with all the busy moms and dads looking to plan their child’s next event. The goal is to allow you, the parents, to enjoy a memorable day without the stress of planning. Contact me to get started- I always have ideas waiting!