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The idea for CK Loves Events stemmed a while ago when I was a nanny for six years. I realized how much I loved spending time on creative art projects and brainstorming unique, fun games for the kids to play. I also loved being a preschool teacher because of the change it brought day to day thanks to the kids. You never knew what to expect and it was refreshing. As a teacher you are in charge of educating young minds and in doing that, you need to be creative or quickly learn to be. I felt as if I thrived in doing so.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we just need to figure out how to plan the event allergy free.

Yes, CK Loves Events is absolutely willing to work with the client to find a new date that is more suitable.

If the child gets sick, there will be no charge to change the date; however, there may be fees involved if there is a venue involved, entertainment, or catering. Those are fees that will have to be collected even if the date is changed.

CK Loves Events is here to help you plan the perfect theme that matches you child’s interest.

I am willing to go anywhere in New Jersey.

No worries! Just send me the question and I’ll do my best to get it answered.


The Grillo Family

We have known Celeste for years and she has been an incredible friend to our family. Naturally, when she started CK Loves Events we jumped at the chance to work with her in planning our daughters first birthday. Celeste is extremely professional and creative and provided us with some amazing ideas. The event turned out beautifully. We will definitely recommend CK Loves Events to everyone we know.

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